Torsdag 27. apr 2023 kl. 20:30

Jazzramp: Tog

SALT Art - Music / SALT Arena, Langkaia 1

Tog is a musical locomotive. A powerhouse driven by high-energy baritone guitar riffs over explosive drums, and a wailing saxophone on top. On stage, the band is constantly pushing the energy and intensity higher and higher, with an almost desperate drive. With a foundation in free jazz and heavy punkish-rock, the trio tries to evolve their sound to become a truly unique, genre free experience. Tog has since their debut in 2019 played at major festivals in Norway, as well as playing support for the two jazzrock giants Kanaan and Møster!. Now they are Ready to take their career to the next level with the upcomming album MEGAMAX, which is to be released digitally and physically at Sonic Transmissions record label in february.

Tog is
Brede Sørum – Saxophones
Vetle André Skåli – Baritone Guitar
Steinar Heide Bø – Drums

Aldersgrense: 20


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