17. april 2015


Om utgivelsen

Through avenues of lights, accompanied loneliness, lonely accompaniments, musical exhortations and tremulous lulling, Atomic introduce their latest opus in typically defiant form. The album assembles the various Atomic components in a thoroughly recognizable yet surprising (and sometimes disconcerting) way, suggesting multiple time signatures, motifs and submotifs, musical tracery that seems to defy explanation in conventional terms.

They take moments of minimalist simplicity and contextualize them, by turns, in amorphous textures, angular musical structures, whimsical interplays and rushes of driving frenzy. A track might swing in on muscular arms from the highest reaches of the jungle canopy, bedecked in its finest groove, before shedding its ape suit to reveal something altogether more ethereal.

They seem to hurtle in freefall spirals, before raising merry hell with free improvisations, looping and diving amid each other’s vapour trails, and managing to recalibrate simultaneously their alignment and launch into the next composed passage without batting an eyelid.

If you ever wondered what synchronized swimming among man-eating sharks might sound like, this is probably as close as you’ll ever get.


Fra forsiden


Gjenforenes på åpningen av OsloJazz

Legendariske Masqualero gjenforenes med åpningskonserten på Oslo Jazzfestival i Operaen søndag 11. august. - Dette blir en kveld for den norske jazzhistorieboka, sier festivalsjef Line Juul.


Jaga Jazzist åpner Victoria-høsten

Jaga Jazzist sesongåpner Nasjonal jazzscene i Oslo med to konserter, fredag og lørdag 30. og 31. august. - Vi har den store gleden av å åpne høstsesongen med et band vi har ønsket på scenen siden vi flyttet inn på Victoria, sier direktør Øyvind Larsen.

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