30. april 2021

Stian Balducci & Kjetil Jerve

Om utgivelsen


With extensive practical and academic understanding of the ‘remix’ process, Stian Balducci takes on the role of audio architect in this refined and redesigned remix album.

His meticulous approach has not replaced, but built upon Kjetil Jerve’s piano material and boasts a thorough dedication to mood and timbre through-out. The outcome combines new strokes of colour and delicately layered textures, offering fresh perspectives to an old canvas.

The aural landscape takes shape in progressive, parabolic pulsations, coupled with sparse, rhythmic heart-throbs that embody the faint silhouettes of drum reverberations. This atmospheric landscape is complimented with subtle, pensive keys from Kjetil’s piano recordings that add emotional depth to the work and pay diligent tribute to the free structures of jazz.

The final project may be understood as a window, giving view to life’s sentient and evocative themes, without ever infringing on their delicacy. The sonic progressions tap into nature’s cycles through meditative repetition and offer the listener some brief respite from innate human habits of over-thinking.

As the contents of the album unfold, we are taken reassuringly by the hand to familiar, foreign lands, filled with curious sonorous tales and subtle insights that shed light on a world of deeper perception.
In keeping with the communal ethos of Dugnad rec, ‘Tokyo Tapes: Piano Recycle’ reflects a thoughtful exchange between Stian and Kjetil. Stian professed that the project went ahead with just one rule: “to work only with the original source material, no external samples or sound sources”. This puritan approach spotlights a shared characteristic between them; namely, a unified desire to explore vibrations and a wholistic dedication to sound experimentation.


Stian Balducci - Sampling/produksjon/mix
Kjetil Jerve - Flygel/co-produksjon


Fra forsiden


Buddy-prisen til Eivind Aarset

Gitarist Eivind Aarset er tildelt Buddy-prisen, norsk jazz’ høyeste utmerkelse, for 2021. En betydelig skikkelse i norsk jazzliv, og en musiker som i høy grad har bidratt til at jazzen som kunstform har utviklet seg i sin egen samtid, uttaler Norsk jazzforum i sin begrunnelse for tildelingen. – En stor ære å få Buddy-prisen, sier Aarset.


Stringswing-helg på Cosmopolite

Djangofestivalen på Cosmopolite i Oslo starter torsdag 20. januar og holder på gjennom helgen. Hot Club De Norvegè + Majken Christiansen, Mike Reinhardt Trio og Olli Soikkeli Trio feat. Marian Petrescu er blant band på programmet.

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