26. oktober 2018

Karl Seglem
Nunatak (VINYL)

Om utgivelsen

Karl Seglem got tremendous reviews for his comission-work «Som spor»(Like Traces») in 2014. It is the same ensemble of 7 outstanding musicians that plays on the new album. In the center masterfiddler Håkon Høgemo as a «Hardanger-fiddle engine» The sound of these fiddles are important and characteristic on «Nunatak», together with the unique sound of goat horns and Seglems powerful tenorsax-playing. His dynamic, playful and creative band with some of the foremost Norwegian musicians on the scene nowadays, makes Nunatak to a fresh, powerful and contemporary alive release of new music. Bursting power, beautiful melodies, jazz, acoustic heart, beats, electronics and a lot of improvisation.


Karl Seglem - T.sax, goat horns, voice
Håkon Høgemo - Hardanger fiddle
Sigrid Moldestad - Hardanger fiddle, vocals
Andreas Ulvo - Piano, keys
Lars Jakob Rudjord - Organ, keys
Sigurd Hole - Bass
Kåre Opheim - Drums


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