18. januar 2014

Franklin Kiermyer

Om utgivelsen

«Such a powerful and beautiful recording … an album that makes a potent case for music as a spiritual vehicle, an outpouring from the heart so direct, so palpable, that it’s a truly—and unavoidably—cathartic experience. A clear reflection of the myriad emotions which comprise the human condition, if there’s any justice, Further—co-produced to perfection by Kiermyer and another key jazz figure of the past half century, Michael Cuscuna—will find its way onto many year-end ‘best of’ lists»
– John Kelman/ALL ABOUT JAZZ

«Further has shaken me … Art worthy of repeated contemplation, songs that function as prayers as much as they function as the catalytic altar calls.These guys bring it and those of us with ears, all throughout heaven and earth, are blessed to receive these sounds.»
– Anthony Dean-Harris/NEXTBOP

«Further is the latest exhilarating chapter in Kiermyer’s ongoing journey into refining—and furthering—his musical language. Adrenaline-pumping, inspired performance that balances form and freedom»
– Ian Patterson/ALL ABOUT JAZZ

Franklin Kiermyer conveys a spiritual feeling through his music that reaches each listener in different ways. He has a way of expressing his work without being locked into a musical category. What’s unique is that as different as various settings are, it always sounds like him. He is able to get intensity and communicate a strong, personal spiritual feeling through it all. This latest chapter in his musical step is a breakthrough. He is building a body of work that is wide-ranging with a singularity of purpose and an ensemble with which he can tour. 
– co-producer Michael Cuscuna

Azar, Benito, Juini and I come together because of our faith in music as a spiritual practice – a vehicle for opening up the heart. We recorded this music over a couple of days in March, 2013 at a studio on an island off the west-coast of Norway. Aside from some themes and directions, we spoke little about the music. That’s how this music works best – without much of a box. The musicians themselves are the compositional elements. The songs – just themes – are like prayers or invocations.

It’s my fervent wish that you experience the love, faith and freedom we feel making this music for you.
– Franklin Kiermyer



Fra forsiden


Mangfoldige Smeltedigelen

Smeltedigelen Musikkfestival i Mo i Rana åpner onsdag 18. oktober med Flere farger, en flerkulturell forestilling med barn og unge fra skoler og flykningmottak. Camilla Susann Haug, Bendik Hofseth m/Helge Iberg og Behop er blant andre på årets festivalprogram.

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