17. februar 2023

Aksel Røed's Other Aspects
Do You Dream in Colours?

Om utgivelsen

One of the most interesting young names within the Bergen and Norwegian jazz scene is saxophonist Aksel Røed. He’s playing with many different bands and constellations, including General Post Office and Dag Arnesen, and he is in high demand as a player.

With Other Aspects, Aksel Røed has put together an 8-piece ensemble of his friends from different bands, and he draws on his inspirations from the old saxophone recordings of Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler and Pharoah Sanders, but also in the composing mind of Django Bates and Charlie Haden’s Liberation Orchestra. As he explains himself:

OTHER ASPECTS allows me to constantly drift into different directions and usually with short notice. The music is composed but not set, meaning it’s perfectly acceptable, and even encouraged to think and play outside the box. Most of the magic within the band lies in the free improvisation.

Recorded in Duper Studio in Bergen, “Do You Dream in Colours?” is a massive piece of an album. And as a proper old jazz album, it comes with liner notes from the old Norwegian jazz veteran Knut Kristiansen.

Ads in magazines such as Jazzwise, Prog Magazine, Eclipsed Magazine, Jazzthing, Downbeat etc.

• Debut album from the 8-piece ensemble Aksel Røed’s Other Aspects
• Blistering improvisational free jazz from this fresh octet
• Featuring some of the most interesting young Norwegian jazz musicians today
• For fans of: Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, Archie Schepp, Dexter Gordon + + + +
• Tours to be announced
• Release timeline: I Usually Paint by Myself (13/1), Moonshine Movement (10/2)

For more info: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100082226721671


Aksel Øvreås Røed - saksofon
Lyder Øvreås Røed - trompet, flugelhorn
Lauritz Lyster Skeidsvoll - saksofon
Andreas Hesselberg Hatzikiriakidis - trompet
Michael Terry Barnes - saksofon/klarinett
Isach Skeidsvoll - piano
Sverre Sandnes Sæbo - kontrabass
Sigurd Steinkopf - trommer


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