18. november 2016

Olga Konkova & Jens Thoresen
December Songs

Om utgivelsen

Dear listener.
I’m honoured to be asked to write liner-notes for this most wonderful recording you’re holding in your hand right now.
When you start listening to these tracks you will for sure be taken by surprise, as I was, how tunes so famous and familiar suddenly appear in a fresh and lovely new way to your ears. These 2 highly recognised musicians have not only created amazing new versions of the songs, they have also made a masterpiece of a record. The complex interplay, the impressing improvisations, the high dynamic range, the various interesting arrangements, the instrument skills, the musicality and the overall warm excellent sound, makes this a joy to listen to and is true art of music.

Olga Konkova carried the idea of making a recording like this for quite some time,
taking very well known tunes and changing them with lots of creativity appeals to her as the great improviser and arranger she is. Also she embraces the duo format and loves especially how piano and guitar connects in sound, so she knew it had to be with a guitar player. Jens Thoresen was the natural and ultimate choice as person and guitar player to do this recording. Olga and Jens have been performing together in several different projects and bands during the years and know each other both personally and musically to a 100% degree. Jens has a remarkable elegancy in his playing, his tone is fat and superb, his lines always interesting and in addition to all of that, he is an excellent sound engineer. Jens has recorded, mixed and mastered this beautiful sounding CD.

The match between these two master musicians is no less than perfect on all levels.

Yours sincerely, Per Mathisen.


Fra forsiden


Mangfoldige Smeltedigelen

Smeltedigelen Musikkfestival i Mo i Rana åpner onsdag 18. oktober med Flere farger, en flerkulturell forestilling med barn og unge fra skoler og flykningmottak. Camilla Susann Haug, Bendik Hofseth m/Helge Iberg og Behop er blant andre på årets festivalprogram.

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