8. desember 2023

Atle Nymo Trio
Circle Steps

Om utgivelsen

Atle Nymo Trio’s second album «Circle Steps» promises to captivate listeners with its unique blend of jazz and improvisational music.

Circle Steps tells a story about seeing something from several sides, movement – up and down, moving but remaining in the same place. It is also describing the structure of the song, the title track itself. The material most often revolves around simple melodic motifs that give room for development through joint musicianship.

The band originates from Nymo’s desire to play in a melodic, open context in the trio format. The mix with Mats Eilertsen and Michaela Antalová gives the trio a large palette of sounds, and together with Nymo form a distinctive and highly communicative band with a strong focus on timbre and sound image.

Atle Nymo (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet), Mats Eilertsen (bass), Michaela Antalová (drums)


Atle Nymo - Saxofon/Klarinett
Mats Eilertsen - Bass
Michaela Antalová - Trommer


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The Core - Victoria, Nasjonal jazzscene - fredag 12. april 2024

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KONSERT: The Core virvler opp tradisjoner og spiller dem på plass.

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