8. november 2019

A Northern Code

Om utgivelsen

Their debut album “Boundaries” will be released on Norwegian label, Øra Fonogram in November 2019. Boundaries features the group’s compositions and improvisations which delicately blurs the line between composition and improvisation. While the group contains the instruments of a traditional jazz guitar trio, this trio departs from the traditional roles of the instruments. Each instrument organically leads the direction of the music and shares an equal balance of the listeners attention.

“You put on some boundaries for your common creativity, and then something happens…
It’s like putting a wild bird in a cage – you feed it and take care of it in many ways, but it will always look for possible way to get out – back to freedom – were it was meant to be… “


Mathias Marstrander - Gitar
Sigurd Steinkopf - Trommer
Andrew Robb - Bass


Fra forsiden


Now’s The Time er i hundre!

Mette Rasmussen om stor aktivitet i Trondheim, Bjørn Alterhaug priser vennskap og improvisasjon, det oppdages jazza ting hos Nils-Aslak Valkeapää/ Áillohaš, Eyvind Fredriksen drar til munnharpe-smie, vi hører på Radkas platesamling.

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