21. juni 2024

Oddgeir Berg Trio
A Place Called Home

Om utgivelsen

Oddgeir Berg Trio has toured widely over Europe including festivals and major club scenes, such as Ronnie Scotts and also toured in China, Japan and USA, Rochester Jazzfestival, NY and Nordic Jazz, DC.

They go by the gamut one leg in the ecstasy and the other in the melancholy. OBT are now currently releasing a new album June 2024.

The island of Rolla is tiny and sparsely populated – a mere 900 people live here. On “A Place Called Home”, Oddgeir takes us to this, his father’s birth place, for a concept album about the magic of nature, the spaces hidden in memory, and the bonds that family provides. Recorded with a new trio line-up and featuring arguably the strongest compositions of his career, this is at once his most personal and most universal work.

From afar, Rolla may look more like the tip of a vast underwater rockscape than an inhabitable island. Idyllically embedded into a fjord, it rises from the waterline to Mount Sula’s 1,000 meter peak. Oddgeir’s father was born on a couch in the very house depicted at the back of the cover and still today, the family spends many free days among Rolla’s shores, meadows and mountains.The album pay homage to that time, taking listeners through a sonic tour of the island and its wild landscape.


Oddgeir Berg - Piano, Komposisjoner
Audun Ramo - Kontrabass
Lars Berntsen - Trommer


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