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Behind the name «Skyggespill» (Shadow play) we find the musician, producer and composer Kjetil Husebø. In «Skyggespill» he mixes concrete and abstract sounds into a musical universe that is both maximalist, minimalist, fluid, chaotic and dark. The music, in which the use of drone-like sounds is a central feature, might be categorized both as ambient, electronica as well as contemporary.

«Skyggespill» is different than his other projects, both solo and collaborative projects, as it focuses solely on an electronic soundscape. Where he previously combined piano and live sampling / electronics, he now makes use of field recordings and explores opportunities within sound design. Kjetil Husebø has previously released two solo albums named «Sources» (2013) and «Contradictions» (2012). Furthermore, he has released two albums as part of the project «Optical Substance» («Adaptation» (2010) and «Sub Luna» (2005).

«Morphing Between Spaces and Phases» is Husebø ́s first album that only features electronic music. Stylistic references and sources of inspiration in this project include Biosphere, Deathprod, Christian Fennesz, Chris Watson, Richard Devine and György Ligeti.

The album was produced and mixed by Kjetil Husebø. Helge Sten (Audio Virus Lab) has mastered the album.

EAN: 7041880560522
Catalog number: OSP005
Label: Optical Substance Productions
Distribution: Musikkoperatørene/Phonofile/Forced Exposure (U.S) 
Format: Vinyl 180 g including CD, CD (promo), digital files (iTunes, etc)
Release date: 5th September 2014/14th October 2014 (U.S)
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